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How to Cope with the Stresses of Christmas FREE Workshop @ ISHKA Belconnen

Many of us find Christmas extremely overwhelming and stressful. (And even that’s an understatement for some). But where does this stress and overwhelm really come from? And how do we cope with i …

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We're finally going to do an evening focused on meditation! YAY! :) (I've only been talking about doing this for about 6 months :P ) And this will most likely become a regular Friday night …

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Discover your LIFE PURPOSE Workshop Sunday 3rd Jan 2016

Have you ever asked yourself “What am I doing here? Seriously…why was I born on this Earth? Why am I experiencing this life? Is there a meaning to all of this? A purpose?” Have you …

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VISION BOARD Day Sunday 17th Jan 2016

Have you or someone you know ever done a Vision Board? Have you discovered the power of this amazing tool? Vision Boards have been used all over the world for decades, to help manifest dreams. They w …

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PMS & Menopause - Relief and Removal of Symptoms Workshop 27th Oct 2015

During your period/PMS, do you commonly get: Bloating…soreness…agitation…mood swings…swollen breasts…cravings…disturbed sleep….upset eating patterns&h …

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Grief and Loss - How to minimize symptoms Workshop 10th Nov 2015

potential to send a person into a state of deep grief and depression. There’s also the loss of a family pet, a job, a status, financial stability, a marriage, a partnership, a family home, the …

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