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 Numerology Based Therapy


What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient wisdom that is based on the understanding that every number has a certain vibration/ energy.

A person’s date of birth, name, and address, among several other things, can be represented in the form of numbers, and often can be broken down into 3 or 4 numbers, and sometimes into one number.

These numbers will correspond with particular personality tendencies, life challenges, obstacles, hurts and issues that this individual has faced, may now be facing, or may face in the future, as a part of their life-purpose. They will also correspond to dreams, desires and longings that sometimes, that individual has been thus far, unable to articulate or manifest.

Pythagoras, around 600BC, introduced Pythagorean Numerology, long after the Hebrew Kabbalah, introduced Kabbalic Numerology.

And it’s only been in the past century, that Numerology has reappeared, stronger than ever!

There are many areas of Numerology, but for these recordings, I’m focussing on your life path numbers, calculated from your full date of birth.

Performing these calculations and explaining their significance, and the effect it would have on each client’s life journey, over the years, has had a profoundly positive effect on my clients. And the Numerology-based Therapy that I have prescribed for each client, using Numerology-based Yoga, counselling, and affirmations, has been very well received, and has produced excellent results.

But what was missing was the Affirmation recordings, to give each client a lasting change/result…until now! (See below for more information on Numerology-based affirmation recordings). 

What are Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings?

These recordings have been carefully programmed (after years of research/ Therapy-based experience and data gathering) to help free you from your specific fear-based, ego-based and Numerology-based emotional, physical and mental issues.

And all you really need to do is press PLAY!

Sounds too easy? Well…that really is all you have to do! We’ve done all the hard work for you!

Each recording includes Angel Therapy that will

  • Protect you and settle you as you sleep (to encourage a restful night’s sleep)
  • Induce your sleep hormones to assist you with getting to sleep (or back to sleep)
  • cleanse your body of fear-based energy (which, if kept blocked – leads to illness and disease),
  • cut all etheric cords of fear and attachment from your body (that are draining your energy and vitality),
  • remove all weapons of psychic attack from your body (that are weighing you down, making you feel debilitated, are draining you and causing you stress), and
  • Protect you from further psychic and emotional attack.

It also contains self-love, self-worth and self-esteem affirmations and all of your specific Numerology-based affirmations (which also include Angel Therapy throughout).

Affirmation Recording Voucher

Testimonials for the Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings


After the first couple of nights of listening to the affirmations, I was surprised how quickly I fell into a deep sleep. I am no longer thinking about and analysing the day's events as I try to fall asleep - I now focus only on the words of the affirmations and drift off to sleep within 5 minutes. I also feel calmer and less irritated by trivial things in my day - I am able to let go of negative feelings easily.   Danielle (Homemaker - Brisbane)

The affirmation created specifically to suit my personal needs worked wonders. I was able to sleep well, my stress levels were reduced I felt more relaxed and as if my emotions were more balanced. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone seeking help with spiritual healing, or simply assistance in reducing stress, managing sleep patterns or management of emotions etc.  Jessi (Student - Canberra)

I use my personal recording whenever I can’t sleep and find it helps me to nod off. I find the recordings really peaceful, I love the music they are set to. I like the idea that Angels are watching over me, it is very comforting. Since listening to my personalised recording I feel like my relationship with my husband has improved.  Maria (Teacher - Canberra)

My 12 year daughter had had trouble sleeping for 12 months - she had trouble going to sleep as she worried about dying and other dark thoughts.  In the daytime she was a happy carefree girl but became increasingly tired and irritable due to the lack of sleep and disrupted sleep patterns.  We had tried several relaxation etc techniques before going to the GP to ask for assistance.  At the GP, I said how I wanted to explore other natural avenues, and that I had heard on the radio an ad for Insomnia workshop for teenagers by Human Happiness, and my GP encouraged me to try the workshop first, saying my daughter was too young to start medical therapies and medication.  On contact with Kylie, I found her warm, engaging and intriguing and only after one one-on-one session with Kylie and a month of nightly affirmations, my daughter has slept like a log ever since - amazing! 

Then, a few months ago, my 10 year old son told me how he could see and hear dead people and had also experienced distorted visions at different times in the day and night, and how frightened he was because of this as he had asked his friends at school and they did not know what he was talking about.  I was initially scared thinking he needed a psychiatrist but then contacted Kylie for advice.  Again, within one session with Kylie and only two weeks of nightly affirmations, my son was able to accept and celebrate his 'gift', he practiced his strategies of calling upon angels to help with these sounds and visions, and since then, he rarely experiences these visions or sounds anymore. As a result, he is now a happy, confident, well-adjusted kid and when I asked him what changed for him after Kylie's session and the affirmations, he proudly announces that he has a 'gift' and he now knows how to keep himself safe and happy - amazing! 

And one night when I was awake worrying about an issue of my own, I retrieved my son’s affirmation recording to listen to it in bed.  I was so interested in hearing the narratives and I quickly realised how soothing, empowering and relaxing they were and I indeed fell asleep before the end of the recording.  I enjoyed talking to both of my children about the affirmations, and I have also enjoyed them 'comparing notes' as to what Kylie did or did not say or do in their individual sessions.  Whilst Kylie's techniques could be considered unusual and unconventional, they do indeed work and I am huge fan of her therapies, professionalism, care and capacity to dig deep into my children's psyches to explore and relieve their worries, to tap into their gifts and goodness, and to allow them to feel strong, safe and secure within themselves and within the emotional, physical and spiritual worlds they live.     Leanne (Public Servant - Canberra)


Kylie’s Numerology Background

If you haven’t had a Healing Therapy Session, or been to a workshop, with me, you may not yet be aware of the incredible accuracy and usefulness of Numerology-Based Therapy.

Over the past 4 years, I have been researching Numerology through extensive reading, and gathering data (from my Workshops, Yoga classes, Therapy Sessions with clients, and research of famous people). And I have, as a consequence, established Numerology-Based Therapy with my Healing Therapy (Reiki) clients, with enormous success.

With all of this information and experience, and with extensive research around Affirmation-based Therapy, I have been able to formulate counter-affirmations for each of the 9 numbers in Numerology.


Why would I want Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings?

As you may have already realised, sheer will power, and saying “I’m going to be strong and I won’t do that bad thing anymore”, or “I’m going to change my life for the better and take on that new good habit consistently and long-term”, just doesn’t cut it!

You can decide to give up chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, toxic relationships, bad jobs, or bad habits, to stop being depressed, angry, to exercise more, eat less, sleep better or be a more forgiving and compassionate person for instance, and yes, the decision is definitely a very important step (It comes right after acknowledging that you have something that you would like to change, and that you’re in control of that change). But making the decision, and just being “determined” will last for only a few weeks, or maybe even a month (if you’re really determined) at best. All the dieters out there are nodding their heads frantically!

Why is this so?

Because you’ve only made this decision in your conscious state. And your conscious state is not the place from which your big decisions and changes are made.

It’s your subconscious, your ego, that needs to hear and believe the new way of thinking…the new plan….before any change has a lasting effect in your reality.

And the only way to tap into the subconscious (other than through hypnotism, vision boards, and subliminal messaging) is through affirmations.

And without a doubt, repeated affirmations on a recording, listened to during that bridge between awake and dream time, for at least 28 days, is the most effective method of all!

Research has proved that listening to affirmations in the last 10 min before falling asleep (that time when you’re between two worlds – reality and dream-time), and then in those first 20 odd minutes after falling asleep, is the most effective time to re-program your subconscious/ ego.

These affirmations have been tailored to be listened to at that exact time.


How will my recordings be unique/ different to every other client’s recordings?

The initial Angel Therapy which cuts cords, cleanses your body, and removes psychic attack, and all of the self-esteem, self-worth and self-love affirmations are all generic for all recordings.

And for the first 28 days, you will only have your generic Numerology-based affirmations.

But then, between 28 and 56 days, you will receive a new updated recording from me, which will also include counter-affirmations for your specific ailments/ issues/ goals.


What changes could I expect to see in the months following commencement of listening to these recordings?

In a nutshell, the possible changes you can experience, once you start to listen to these recordings regularly, are only limited by your imagination.

When you receive the full version of your recordings, after you let me know what’s going on in your life that you would like to change, these affirmations are designed to counter each and every issue you find yourself in at the moment.

At first, for example, you may experience some of the following:

  • A sense that something is shifting around your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your world – you may feel a lot more calm, and at peace about things
  • A change in appetite – you may start to make better choices around your food/ beverages, and you may not feel so hungry, or feel the need to reach for the food quite so often. Some foods you used to crave, and eat in excess, may start to be not so appealing to you.
  • A change in habits – you may resume/commence a yoga/ meditation routine, or some other health/ fitness regime. Or start up a new form of recreation/ exercise beneficial to your health. This will most likely be quite spontaneous and unexpected.
  • Your relationships might start to feel a little different - things that used to bother you a lot, may not seem to anymore.
  • You may find yourself reaching for that self-help book you’ve been meaning to read.
  • You may start to feel that you have the courage to let go of toxic relationships, habits and thought patterns. Your self-esteem may start to feel like it’s growing.
  • Your sleep habits may improve. You may find that the recording, after a few nights, will start to induce the sleep hormones in your body. The sound of the recording may make you feel sleepy.
  • Your physical health may improve. Some of your ailments may start to fade.
  • You may start to take more care of yourself and your home/work environment. You may take steps to improve your health, appearance, and stress levels.
  • You may also experience an uncomfortable feeling, like you’re letting go of something that your ego doesn’t want you to let go of (this won’t last very long if you stick with it – it’s recommended that you work through this discomfort, so that you have the opportunity to come out the other end, free from this burden)

And then with the more advanced affirmations (sent through after 28 days), your physical, mental, emotional, career, financial and relationship issues may start to sort themselves out.

The beauty of this method is that you don't have to come in for a Healing Therapy Session. You can begin to heal literally in your sleep!

How do I determine my basic Numerology?

Calculate your Numerology by doing the following (I’m using my DOB as an example).

Kylie’s DOB = 19/11/1973

To work out my numerology add all individual digits

1+9+1+1+1+9+7+3 = 32

Then add the individual digits of the total sum

3+2 = 5

So, Kylie’s numerology is 32/5

If your final number adds to 10, 11 or 12, leave it like that (eg. 37/10, 38/11, or 39/12).


What next? How do I get my recordings?

If you haven’t been a Healing Therapy client of mine, in the past, then you will need to fill out the Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings Application form.

The cost is a once off $60 payment. This can be paid in cash, via PayPal, or by Direct Deposit. (I can send you an invoice with these details).

You will then receive your first recording via email.

You will need to download this recording onto your phone, or transfer it onto an I pod or MP3 player, or some other recording device. A CD copy can be made available on request.

You then have your device near you each night as you go to sleep (I recommend on the floor beside your bed – so you don’t pick up on the electromagnetic radiation given off – if it’s a phone), and you press PLAY as you’re falling asleep.

Be sure that another track won’t start playing after this one that will wake you up again.

If you have any trouble downloading the recording onto your phone, let me know, and I will be happy to help.

If someone else sleeps beside you (a partner or sibling for instance), they too will benefit from hearing these affirmations, so don’t be concerned about their presence. Alternatively, you can put earphones in.


Contact Kylie, to get your affirmations and begin your journey towards a new life. today!


Numerology Certificate Course

The profound insight gained from studying Numerology empowers you with the tools you need to help resolve relationship issues, and overcome financial, physical and spiritual issues, heal your body and mind, gain emotional control, get your power back from disempowering people/situations, and to communicate and connect with others with confidence, control and clarity.

This journey of self-discovery can in turn, unlock your true potential and allow you to fulfil your life purpose.

Learn how to do a full Numerology calculation, how to read and analyse Numerology charts and data, and how to formulate a prescription for that individual based on their reading. (The calculations are all very basic addition and construction and can be all done in the head with pen and paper – but there’s nothing wrong with having a calculator nearby to check your additionJ).

With this information, you gain a detailed and profound understanding of the challenges, issues, and potential for that individual with respect to their personality, relationships, career, finances, and physical, mental and emotional health. You also gain an understanding of the general obstacles they’re likely to face in life, and how to overcome them.

You can gain deep insight, understanding and compassion in a very short period of time, through a Numerology reading.

You can come to a place of personal power, emotional control, empowerment and amazing insight about yourself and others.

Most people are absolutely stunned by the accuracy, relevance and significance that these readings have to their lives.

This course will make you see yourself and others in a totally different light.

You’ll be able to understand your loved ones from a profoundly useful, practical and new perspective.

With practice of these skills and practical application of the insights gained, your compassion for others, and your ability to forgive, let go, and move on, can suddenly feel like second nature to you.

Your much deeper understanding of human nature, of difficult/challenging relationships and of yourself, after such a short time, will astound you!

If there’s only one personal development course you are to do this year…make it this one. You won’t regret it!

Bring along the full date of birth and full birth name (as written on their birth certificate) of every person you would like to learn more about (including your parents, siblings, partner, ex-partner/ spouse, children, friends, other significant people in your life – particularly/especially those people who tend to rub you up the wrong way). Bring along a pen and calculator (if you have one) too.

At this 20 hr course spanned over 10 weeks, you will be taught how to calculate:

  • Ruling numbers
  • Life path numbers
  • Day numbers
  • Personal year numbers
  • Pyramid numbers
  • Destiny numbers
  • Soul Urge numbers
  • Inner Dreams numbers
  • Relationship numbers

And how to draw up:

  • Birth charts
  • Arrows of individuality
  • 9 year cycle personal year charts
  • Personal number pyramids
  • Name charts

And how to interpret all of this data, and what to prescribe to an individual with this Numerology reading.

This will include significant help with relationships and parenting.

(These calculations and charts are very simple basic addition and construction. All can be done in the head and just with pen and paper. You will be given full and easy to follow instructions that you can take home with you and repeat on as many people as you like).

You will also be given simple, easy to follow and remember, carefully selected techniques to help you and your loved ones to overcome the personal obstacles/ issues associated with each full Numerology reading. This will include mudras (hand and body gestures), pranayam (breathing techniques), affirmations, light and sound therapy and many more disciplines. We won’t be doing any significant yoga postures or sequences during this course. Most techniques will be done from your chair.

And this course can be done over SKYPE.


All 10 modules (20hrs in total) are held at 6:30pm – 8:30pm over 10 weekly Thursdays from 12th October – 14th December 2017.

You can join the group as late as module 3, and make up what you missed at a later course.

Module Dates:

Module 1: 12th Oct

Module 2: 19th Oct

Module 3: 26th Oct

Module 4: 2nd Nov

Module 5: 9th Nov

Module 6: 16th Nov

Module 7: 23rd Nov

Module 8: 30th Nov

Module 9: 7th Dec

Module 10: 14th Dec


Kylie’s Home Yoga Studio,

3 Shumack st. Weetangera

How much?

$200 pp

Includes a comprehensive Numerology Workbook, Certificate of Attainment on successful completion of the course, tea/coffee and light snacks.

Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces.

Bookings can be made here:

Your payment will need to be made to secure your booking. If you’re unable to use PayPal, then contact Kylie to arrange an alternative payment method (EFTPOS, Direct Deposit or cash).

I look forward to seeing you there!



I have always been interested in Numerology.  When Kylie offered this Numerology Workshop I was ready to dig deeper.  In the workshop we did our charts as well as those of other family members.  I found this very insightful and it has been a continuing support to my understanding some of my other family members.  This helps me to understand why we react and respond in certain ways.  Kylie was very giving and sharing of herself as well as the information that we were given.  This course has helped me to be gentler with myself and other people that I am interacting with.  I have a deeper understanding of how I operate in the world, which has helped me immensely. Anne – Retired

Kylie's numerology course helps provide a better understanding of your life's path and the people in it. This in-depth course covers all aspects of your personal number, the numbers of people surrounding you and your year number to name a few.
It shows how numerology affects your day to day life and explains your choices which ultimately leads to your destiny. If you're wanting more clarity in life or are just intrigued by the numbers that keep popping up, then this course is for you! 
I highly recommend it. Katherine - Secretary

I did Kylie's Numerology course recently and really enjoyed it. Kylie is a natural at teaching and was able to make the course easy to learn and understand. I had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for answers to past experiences or for future transformation. Numbers don't lie!!!!!

Nikole - mum

Have your own Numerology Party!

A Numerology reading is one of the most interesting, fascinating and life-changing things you can do for yourself that requires very little effort.

The accuracy of the readings, and the predictions made through the readings, usually blow people away!

So why not get a bunch of friends together and sit back with some chips and dips and get ready for one of the most fun, fascinating and intriguing parties you’ve ever been to!

Watch how your date of birth and your full name can reveal:

  • your personality traits/ strengths and challenges,
  • the obstacles that you’ve likely been encountering over and over again throughout your life,
  • your life purpose – what you’re really here to do,
  • the challenges you’d likely be facing in relationships with loved ones and work mates/ friends/ associates etc.
  • and of course, how to overcome these challenges/ obstacles and how to make your dreams/purpose a reality

And listen as the comments and laughter from every member of the group grows with each new revelation.

Comments like these fly around the room:

“Is that why I keep self-sabotaging myself like that?!?”

“Is that why my ex behaved like that?!?”

“Is that why when I do the family Christmas dinner I go mental at that person?!?”

“Is that why I’m having a strong urge to travel this year?!?”

“Is that why living in that house made me feel that way?!?”

“Is that why that year was so difficult/ challenging for me?!?”

“Is that why my son/daughter behaves in that way/ struggles at school?!?”

“Is that why I attracted that annoying boss/ crappy job/ aggressive work associate?!?”

“Is that why I’m so financially challenged?!?”

“Is that why I get along so well with that person?!?”

“Is that why I deleted that friend from facebook?!?”

“Is that why I keep attracting that same situation/ scenario over and over again?!?”

All you need is a bunch of friends who are open to the idea of Numerology, and who don’t mind having a bit of a laugh at themselves, some chips and dips, and a time you can all get together and ……. bingo! Party time…on a whole new level! 

Full Numerology calculations and charts are drawn up before the start of the party. Each party member will be given a maximum number of full readings they can request (depending on how many people are attending)

Basic Numerology charts can be created at the party.


Each full Numerology calculation and chart drawn up prior to the party = $10/chart

Basic charts = no extra cost

One Full printed personalised Numerology Reading (from one of the full calculations already done) of that party member's choice = no extra cost

Travel time (if the party isn’t at Kylie’s Yoga studio) = based on $60/hr

Party presentation = $144/hr total

So, a party of 8 people who ask for 5 full Numerology calculations each, at a place in Belconnen somewhere, for a 3hr party = $400 (calculations) + $432 (presentation)+ $30 (travel) = $862 = $108 per person for a 3 hour Numerology reading party and 5 full calculations plus one full printed personalised Numerology Reading (from one of the full calculations already done) of that party member's choice..

Some more examples of party packages:

Number of party members duration of party (hrs) Number of full numerology calculations per person Total Cost Cost per person
8 3 5 $832.00 $104.00
10 3 5 $932.00 $93.20
12 3 5 $1,032.00 $86.00
8 2 5 $688.00 $86.00
10 2 5 $788.00 $78.80
12 2 5 $888.00 $74.00

A 40% non refundable deposit needs to be made one week prior to the party.

What does a Full Numerology Calculation and chart contain?

A full calculation contains the following:

      Life path numbers

      Day numbers

      Personal year numbers

      Pyramid numbers

      Destiny numbers

      Soul Urge numbers

      Maturity numbers

      Personality numbers

      Current name numbers

      Karmic lesson numbers

      Karmic debt numbers

      Relationship numbers

      Arrows of individuality

      9 year cycle personal year charts

      Personal number pyramids

     Excess, absent and isolated Numbers

     And you're given a full Birth Chart and Name Chart, plus one full Numerology reading printed out using the above data.

What does a Basic Calculation give me?

A basic Numerology calculation that can be done on the spot at the party contains:

Life Path Numbers

Arrows of Individuality

Excess, absent and isolated Numbers

So come along and discover things about yourself and your loved ones that you may never have realised, and have a heap of fun and lots of laughs along the way! :)

Contact Kylie for more information or to make a booking.


Get your own personalised Numerology Reading

This is a 20 minute recording of Kylie reading your full Numerology chart.

In this reading, Kylie gives you a deep insight into which Numerological vibrations resonate with your strengths, aspirations, gifts, challenges, obstacles, fears, and life purpose. She also gives you practical solutions to best work through the challenges you may still be facing around these vibrations and how to acknowledge and harness the energy of the gifts you were born with.

Every person has a unique Numerology reading (just like a finger print) and so every reading is individually calculated and recorded, to give the most accurate and meningful feedback to that individual.

A full Numerology reading includes Life path numbers, Day numbers, Personal year numbers & Pyramid numbers - (both used as prediction tools), Destiny numbers, Soul Urge numbers, Maturity numbers, Personality numbers, Current name numbers, Karmic lesson numbers, Karmic debt numbers, Relationship numbers (if you ask for readings on two or more people in some kind of a relationship - family/ work/ love/ friends), Arrows of individuality, 9 year cycle personal year charts & Personal number pyramids (also used as prediction tools), Excess, absent and isolated Numbers.

You can also ask Kylie a specific question that you would like answered. Maybe about your relationship/ work/ family/ career/ health/ abundance etc. The more specific you are, the better.


Full Numerology reading sent to you electronically (or CD if you prefer) $60

Full Numerology Reading plus Numerology-Based Affirmation recording both sent to you electronically (or CD if you prefer) $100

What to provide for a full Numerology reading:

The full name on your birth certificate (Birth Name)

Your Date of Birth

Your current first and last name that you use in everyday life (Current Name)

An email address to send the recordings through to

Contact Kylie with this information and get started on a much more infomed healing journey and a profound leap in your own personal development.


I had a numerology reading with Kylie. I was very impressed with the insightful reading and the very helpful affirmations she provided me. I was surprised how much she was able to decipher from just some numbers. An amazing gift to myself.

Larissa, public servant

My Numerology Reading from Kylie really has helped me to understand myself.  It was very enlightening, showing me very many aspects of my personality that I was having challenges with and how I am.  This Reading has helped me to realise that I am okay and helped me understand the areas that I have struggled with for years.   I now have much more knowledge of how I am and the areas that are very important to me.  This helps my work towards the things that I actually want.

Anne – Retired

Kylie recently did a numerology reading for me, it was done in such a kind and caring way. The reading was very insightful, answering questions I had in who I am and how I interact with others. It has made me interested in finding out more, so I have enrolled in the numerology course. I am really looking forward to it! Thanks Kylie.

Jen - Public Servant

Kyle's numerology readings were very interesting and insightful. Helped me understand my nature from a different angle through my numbers. I highly recommend her to others. She is a kind and knowledgeable soul.

Erika - Public Servant

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