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Our Yoga Mission

“To have regular, relevant, useful, adaptable and empowering Yoga classes available to all human beings.”

 Many people are unable to make it to a regular yoga class for various reasons:

  •  Local classes aren’t available when I am
  • I can’t afford it
  • I can’t get there (transport/ distance/ availability issues)
  • I have young children
  • The local classes don’t cater for my physical limitations
  • I feel too self-conscious going to an actual class

And this is why Kylie provides FREE online fortnightly yoga classes to everyone!

All you need is a device that can access YouTube, and the internet!

And you’re all set!


And we now have an online “Anytime yoga” class group that you can join for free, which allows you to:

  • Connect with other people doing the online classes
  • Share with the group (if you would like to) about what obstacles you’re facing around motivation to do the classes regularly
  • Announce to the group (if you would like to) when you’ll be doing your class – make yourself accountable!
  • Inviting (if you would like) other group members to “join” you (usually as an online presence, or of course face to face if you live near each other and feel comfortable with that) at your scheduled time, to do your class – to motivate each other
  • Report to the group when you have completed the class (a very simple process of click and drag to “done” section in the app – full instructions are given to make this seamless and simple for you).
  • Have a way to be accountable, acknowledged and encouraged around doing your regular yoga class.
  • Be a part of a supportive, caring and very understanding community of people who all share a common goal – to enjoy regular therapeutic and very relevant yoga classes

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