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VISION BOARD Day Sunday 17th Jan 2016

Have you or someone you know ever done a Vision Board? Have you discovered the power of this amazing tool? Vision Boards have been used all over the world for decades, to help manifest dreams. They w …

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PMS & Menopause - Relief and Removal of Symptoms Workshop 27th Oct 2015

During your period/PMS, do you commonly get: Bloating…soreness…agitation…mood swings…swollen breasts…cravings…disturbed sleep….upset eating patterns&h …

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Grief and Loss - How to minimize symptoms Workshop 10th Nov 2015

potential to send a person into a state of deep grief and depression. There’s also the loss of a family pet, a job, a status, financial stability, a marriage, a partnership, a family home, the …

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De-Clutter and Detox Workshop 13th October 2015

“No matter how hard I try, this room/ table/ cupboard/ drawer/ car is always cluttered!”…..”I just have too much stuff and not enough room!”….”I feel like …

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Stress and Anxiety Workshop 18th Aug

Do you sometimes feel like Danny Glover’s character in Lethal Weapon (see picture)….sitting on a bomb….with your pants down…..a bomb that will explode if you make a wrong m …

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Trust and Openness Workshop 19th Aug

“Let go….trust in the Force Luke!” “Yeah…but it’s too big…too hard….I can’t do it!” “This little pint-sized 500 year old YODA dud …

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