Deniliquin, NSW

Deniliquin NSW 2710

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Abundance Workshop

“I can’t afford it”… “There’s not enough money in the kitty for that”….”My dream holiday/ home/ car/ partner/ friendship group…&hellip…

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"I want it all...and I want it now" Workshop Wed 24th June

 “I want it all….and I want it now!”… ”I wish I could get away with skipping steps” OR “I wish everyone would…

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Depression Busters Workshop Thur 25th June

“I’m on anti-depressants and would like to wean myself off them as soon as possible”….”I feel depressed often”…..”I feel like there…

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Sense and Sensitivity Workshop Wed 10th June

sensitive!"……"Some people are really insensitive!"….."I tend to put my foot in it when I’m trying to explain how I feel/ what I think…

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Time Management Workshop Thur 11th June

"I don’t have time to read all this!" If that was your first response….then book yourself into my time management workshop right now!  It will…

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Evening Workshops

All evening workshops are 6:30 - 9:30pm & can also be attended remotely over SKYPE. 25% Discount for all Reiki Sessions with Kylie until the end of June! Kylie also…

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