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Astrology and Numerology Based Yoga...

 17th Jul 2015   published by: Kylie Blacksell

What does our Astrology and Numerology tell us about which yoga would be most beneficial for us for this month of July?

Well….Venus and the Moon are having a celestial hug….there’s a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter….and there’s two big full Moons this month. The second full Moon is a superb blue moon in Aquarius. It’s also a 15/6 Month, and 6 is ruled by Venus.

So, in a nut shell, you could say that July 2015 is all about love, beauty, attraction intuition and heightened emotions.

But let’s go a little deeper than that...

It’s time to work on bringing out the “Goddess” in you (yes I’m talking to you boys too).

And what is a Goddess…really…? …..I hear you ask…..

A Goddess is a being that listens to her heart (gut/ higher self)… understands what it’s really trying to say (intuition), knows when to say “yes’ and when to say “no” (clarity), and has the courage and strength to follow that intuition…unswayed… and absolutely sure that she has made the right decisions…follows her true passion with unparalleled courage and confidence.

A Goddess is also a magnet for love, abundance, opportunity and blessings. She manifests good things that just come to her…..while she simply stands there…. in her power…and in complete stillness.

Sounds pretty cool eh!

So…what’s the best yoga to do this month?

How do we stand in our power?

Have confidence and clarity oozing from our pores?

Tune into our Higher-Self FM?

And stand there as hot as Marilyn Munro and as cool as James Dean?

Do the yoga that brings you inner strength, self-esteem, inner-conviction, emotional/ mental balance, clarity, focus, confidence, inner harmony, empowerment and insight….

The EBR4 sequence is fantastic for inner strength, self-esteem and realizing your personal power.

The Sun Sequence awakens your spiritual consciousness and awareness which of course would improve your intuition. It also brings you emotional and mental balance, clarity, and focus. And allows you to be in the present moment. Not to mention…it’s a pretty good full body workout too!

The Tree of Transformation sequence reunites you with your personal power, brings you confidence, clarity, and inner harmony, and also brings you into the present moment.

The majestic Eagle asana brings you insight, clarity, a sense of higher purpose and the ability to see the heart of any situation.

The Humming Bee Pranayam with the Yoni mudra increases your intuition and removes any residual anxiety, depression or stress.

The Alternate Nostril Pranayam will calm and balance the mind and has the power to catapult you into a deep state of meditative contemplation…hence increasing your intuition.

Watching the breath and whole body relax Meditations combined will allow you to also tune into your higher intuition.

And the Solar Relaxation will bring you confidence, enthusiasm and empowerment.

These are the yoga practices I have chosen to teach over the past two weeks, in my classes. There are many more possibilities, but these are a good start.

So if you’re a teacher and know these practices, then please feel free to try them out this month.

If you’re unsure, then maybe go online and see if you can find a good You Tube clip on some of them (I will be releasing free videos of all of the yoga I teach, later in the year on my You Tube channel, and I’ll let you all know when they’re up).

Or if you would like to experience these practices in a class, come along to a class in Hawker, or join us over Skype for your class.

Go to classes for more info about class times, location and prices.

All the best with your mission - “Goddess”!

Warmest Wishes,
Kylie Blacksell.