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Emotional Eating why do we do it and how do we stop it?

 6th Jan 2018   published by: Kylie Blacksell

Emotional Eating – why do we do it and how do we stop it?

Emotional eating is the act of consuming any food or beverage in excess, or when we actually wish we could resist it altogether.

Why do we do this?

Let’s first look at what society seems to accept as the reasons why, none of which are true:

Not “strong” enough to resist.

Weak. No will-power or determination.

A disgusting habit.

Runs in the family.

Too easy to access.

Media has flooded us with images and ideas that this food/beverage is a good idea.

False advertising.

All of the above “reasons” most certainly wouldn’t help the situation, but are also definitely not the cause of a person’s emotional eating.

So what is emotional eating caused by?

Emotional Eating is caused entirely by how a person is feeling and what feelings that person wishes to repress.

Our stomach/gut is our most intuitive and intelligent organ in our entire body. Yes, a lot “smarter” than our brain.

When a lack of peace of mind around something from a person’s past starts to resurface, as it inevitably will, the gut senses this in the form of emotions.

The person’s ego then senses these emotions “rising” from the gut. As a default survival mechanism, the ego then reaches for the exact food/beverage combination that will mask that very specific cocktail of emotions.

So no matter how “strong” or “determined” a person is, if the lack of peace of mind is still there brewing under the surface, the emotional eating will, without exception, continue.

The good news?

The combination of foods/beverages that you reach for during an emotional eating episode, has a very specific code.

This code, when deciphered, unlocks the exact emotions you’ve been trying to repress since childhood/early adolescence.

These emotions will be linked to certain events.

Your ego would have drawn a “child-like” or “adolescent-like” conclusion about that event, placing all of the blame, anger, disgust, shame, responsibility and guilt etc. squarely on your shoulders. Again, this is without exception.

When this conclusion and subsequent emotional cocktail has been identified, the healing can begin.

When a person decides to heal from this event, the healing is quick, painless and lasting.

How cool is that?

I did this work on myself and in the process unearthed very specific emotions around verbal, physical and psychological abuse from my childhood and adolescence.

I was able to isolate specific events by decoding my emotional eating.

I then allowed myself to heal from these events, using the techniques I use in the Freedom from Emotional Eating Course.

In the space of a few short months, I lost 10kgs, 7.5 cm off my chest, 11.5cm off my waist, 6cm from my hips, 5cm off my thighs, and 3 dress sizes.

I went from uncontrollable eating of carbs and chocolate to complete freedom from emotional eating. And I haven’t regressed, which is the most profound and wonderful outcome!

So, until the core emotions are acknowledged, addressed and healed, the emotional eating will persist.

No diet, exercise program, fasting, de-toxing or surgery will remove the real problem.

Healing from emotional eating is simple, safe, easy, and lasting.

When you’re ready to let go of those extra kilos for good, subscribe to this blog and watch this space. Or better still, enrol in the Freedom from Emotional eating Course.

All the answers are in you.

You just need to know what you’re looking for.

All the very best with your healing journey.