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PMS & Menopause - Relief and Removal of Symptoms Workshop 27th Oct 2015

 20th Oct 2015   published by: Kylie Blacksell

During your period/PMS, do you commonly get: Bloating…soreness…agitation…mood swings…swollen breasts…cravings…disturbed sleep….upset eating patterns….diminished levels of concentration…migranes/headaches…memory loss?

Or during Menopause, are you suffering from: hot flushes, night sweats, memory loss, lack of concentration, loss of libido – to name a few…?

Did you know that this suffering is unnecessary and preventable (with absolutely no intervention from drugs)?

If you, or someone you know suffers from some (or all) of these symptoms, and you would like to experience freedom from them, come to our 3hr PMS and Menopause workshop to discover very simple and extremely effective methods to help you manage and ultimately prevent the symptoms of PMS and Menopause.

At this workshop you will be shown several carefully selected techniques from yoga, mudras (hand and body gestures), pranayam (breathing techniques), affirmations, light and sound therapy and many more disciplines, to bring you a tool box that you can employ at any place and at any time, to help manage the symptoms of PMS/ Menopause and to allow you to explore the possibility of being free from these sometimes quite debilitating symptoms for the rest of your life!


We would love it if you could join us.

Just bring a note pad and pen, a pillow to sit on (there are some chairs available if you prefer), a water bottle, and comfortable clothing for yoga.

Bookings are essential as there are limited spaces.

The first hour of each workshop is usually yoga, specifically formulated to tackle the issues in the theme of the workshop.

The last two hours are packed full of useful information about this topic, while we eat a yummy and healthy supper. (There is usually a workbook to accompany this section).

Time = 6:30pm – 9:30pm Tue 27th Oct 2015

Cost = $20

All bookings require a $5 non-refundable deposit. There are very limited places so without payment, your place may be given to another.

Workshops are held at Unit 12, Birubi Chambers, 121 Hawker Pl. Hawker. This unit is right on the corner of Beetaloo st and Hawker Pl. Directly opposite the KFC Restaurant. There is a small “Human Happiness” sign at the door. There is ample parking across the road, next to KFC, disabled parking and access at Birubi Chambers, and a toilet inside the unit.