0435 930 514   159 Henry St, Deniliquin NSW 2710

159 Henry St, Deniliquin NSW 2710

For Bookings: 0435 930 514

Reiki Deniliquin


Reiki in Deniliquin

Sunrise at 159 Henry

Kylie teaches all of the three levels of Reiki (including Reiki III Masters) and practices Reiki at her home, at 159 Henry st. Deniliquin.

Upcoming Reiki Certificate Courses are listed here

Kylie doesn't practice one-off Reiki Sessions. All of her Reiki practice is an integral part of her Healing Therapy Package.

All of the Healing Therapy and Reiki can be administered remotely. There's no need to attend sessions at Kylie's location to receive all of the benefits of this incredible therapy.

Our Reiki Mission:

“To have Reiki be a mainstream go-to remedy and prevention tool for all physical, emotional and mental conditions”