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Ho'oponopono Online Self-Paced Training Course launces 6th Nov 2021

For more detailed info go to Ho'oponopono

This course covers the following:

This course contains 6 modules:     

Module 1: Preparation for the personal healing journey



Protect, prepare and pace yourself

Deciphering your soul's plan

Readiness to heal

Psychic ability

Safe release of negative emotions 

What to expect

Module 2: Data Collection

Body-Mind-Analysis (BMA) - a comprehensive translation of all physical ailments/issues into soul programs

Analysis of addictions, cravings, habits, problematic behaviours, relationships, cravings etc.

Comprehensive questionnaires tailored specifically to each issue/ailment being addressed, translated into specific life programs/lessons (this revolutionary and very new technique does all of the hard work for you).

Module 3: Deciphering programs from all data collected

This is when all of the collected data is translated (each section usually confirming findings in other sections) into a clear list of your soul's life-lessons and programs.

These programs can then be used as a basis for the Ho'oponopono session.

Module 4: Preparation for Ho'oponopono

There are several important steps to take in preparation for delivering a Ho'oponopono session, to ensure a smooth and effective delivery.

Module 5: The process of Ho'oponopono

This is the part where Kylie takes the group through an actual live Ho'oponopono session with a volunteer from the group. 

This is performed at least twice over the 2 days, so the students can see first hand how it works.

This module can be a very emotional and life-changing event for some.

Significant time and consideration is taken to prepare the group for this section.

Module 6: Assess, and Report Outcomes/Progress and repeat

This module outlines what to look for that may not be so obvious, post a session. 

Many of the signs that a shift has occured are usually very subtle and almost invisible to yourself/ the client.

We also cover your responsibility with respect to sharing informaiton about energy and programs from the session.

Resources included in your course package

  • All courses are scheduled to be presented on Zoom only (some sections may be pre-recorded for students to view prior/during the course). All workbooks etc. are posted to you.
  • A personalised and comprehensive list of programs specific to your Numeolrogy, illnesses, ailments, habits, addictions, problematic behaviours and cravings, that you can use to heal yourself (perpared for you, by Kylie, prior to commencement to the course*. Handed to you at the end of the course*.)
  • Workbook covering all aspects of the course
  • Body-Mind analysis easy-access booklet that allows you to quickly and accurately determine the link between a person’s ailments, aches, pains, disease and illness, and their emotions, as you prepare for their Ho’oponopono treatment
  • Comprehensive questionnaires - some generic and others specific to the theme of your Ho'oponopono course (to assist with the data collection aspect of the course), to be filled out by you (not to be shared with Kylie or the group) before commencement of the course. 
  • laminated summary of the Ho’oponopono process for you to refer to anywhere, and at any time.   

*Some program lists may not be ready prior to your course commencement date (but will be sent to you as soon as possbile after the course). It will depend on numbers of attendees, and other factors like lockdowns that may restrict Kylie's ability to complete it on time.

Cost: $425 (10% discount offered to those on the mailing list)

Some of the issues that can be addressed by practicing Ho'oponopono:


Abundance - how to attract abundance with money, time, energy, connections and resources


Breaking free from the bad stuff - Addictions, cravings, bad habits, toxic relationships


Bullies and Narcissists - dealing with abuse in an empowered way


Chronic Pain, illness and disease - relief


Conflict Resolution - families, parenting, workplace, relationships


Coping with COVID - managing your physical, mental and emotional health amid this time of great uncertainty


Disease and Disaster Prevention


Fears and Phobias


Grief and Loss


Hoarding, Procrastination and Distraction - cleaning up your act


Life Purpose - finding and fulfilling


Love relationships - attracting, nurturing, growing, sustaining


Parenting - Practical, Peaceful, Positive


Problem-free PMS, Menopause and other gynaecological issues


S.A.A.D. Managing Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression


Weight Loss - Smart, Satisfying, Sustained




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