Workshops in Canberra for Insomnia, Dealing with depression, stress and anxiety, abundance, addictions.

0435 930 514   17 Newland Street Flynn, Canberra ACT 2615

17 Newland Street,
Canberra ACT 2615

For Bookings: 0435 930 514


Upcoming Events:

"If there's one thing I could change..." group discussion and afternoon tea 11th Mar 2018

Practical Parenting Seminar 13th Mar 2018

Reiki III Training Course 24th & 25th March 2018

Reiki I Training Day 25th March 2018

Reiki Share Day Sun 8th April 2018

Reiki II Training Day Sunday 6th May 2018

Reiki III Training Course 8th & 9th Sept 2018

Reiki I Training Day 9th Sept 2018

Past Events:

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Group Discussion & afternoon tea Sun 17th Dec 2017

VISION BOARD DAY Tue 2nd Jan 2018

Freedom from Emotional Eating TASTER Seminar Thur 4th Jan 2018

Reiki I Certificate Training Day Sunday 14th Jan 2018

Freedom from Emotional Eating TASTER Seminar Sun 28th Jan 2018

Freedom from Emotional Eating COURSE commences Tue 6th Feb 2018

Reiki Share Day Sun 11th Feb 2018

Freedom from Emotional Eating FREE TASTER SEMINAR Wednesday 4th October 2017

Numerology Certificate Course FREE TASTER SEMINAR Thursday 5th October 2017

Super Saturday Stall at Allergy Centre (GoVita) Jamison Saturday 7th October 2017

Reiki II Certificate Training Day Sunday 8th October 2017

Freedom from Emotional Eating Course starting Tuesday 10th October 2017

Numerology Certificate Training Course starting Thursday 12th October 2017

Reiki II Certificate Training Day Sunday 3rd December 2017

Reiki Share Day Sunday 5th November 2017

Human Happiness is turning 3! So we're having a Numerology PARTY to celebreate! 12pm - 3pm Sunday 23rd July 2017

Reiki III (MASTERS) Certificate Training Course DAY 1: Thur 27th July 2017; DAY 2: Sun 30th July 2017

Reiki I Certificate Training Day Sunday 30th July 2017

Abraham Hicks Quotes Group Discussion/ Arvo tea Sunday 13th August 2017

Reiki III (MASTERS) Certificate Training Course DAY 1: Sat 26th August 2017; DAY 2: Sun 27th August 2017

Reiki I Certificate Training Day Sunday 27th August 2017

Numerology Certificate Course Module 1 12pm Sat 6th May

Numerology Taster Seminar 12pm Sat 22nd April 2017

What's on your BUCKET LIST? group discussion 12 noon - 2pm Sat 24th June 2017 

Discover Your Life Purpose Workshop Sunday 19th June 2016

What's on your BUCKET LIST? group discussion 12 noon - 2pm Sat 24th June 2017 

Vision Board Day Mon 2nd Jan 2017

Meditation Classes start 6:30pm Thursday 19th Jan 2017

Eckart Tolle quotes group discussion and afternoon tea 2pm Sunday 22nd Jan 2017

Reiki I Certificate Training Day Sunday 30th July 2017

Reiki II Certificate Trainig Day Sunday 18th June 2017

Reiki III MASTERS Certificate Course  Thursday 27th and Sunday 30th July 2017

Meditation and Mindfulness group discussion 10am - 12pm Sunday 26th June 2016 Cost by donation

Connection, Belonging and Oneness group discussion 10am - 12pm Sunday 24th July 2016 Cost by donation

Reiki Share Day 1pm - 4pm Sat 30th July 2016

SAAD Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression Workshop Sunday 14th August 2016

Tiredness and Insomnia Busters Workshop Sunday 11th Sept 2016

Yoga Classes, Workshops, Seminars and Training Programs Terms & Conditions, Cancellation, Transfer and Refund policy

Before your first yoga class (and often during workshops etc.), you will be required to fill in a health form and sign a disclaimer indicating that you take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing during the class and when you practise anything taught in the yoga classes/ workshops in another location.

Your instructor will give you clear indications and will demonstrate modifications for any health considerations, during the class. It is expected that you take note of these health considerations and the appropriate modifications for your own health and safety.

If you have any concern for your ability to attend a yoga class, it is advised that you consult your health professional prior to starting classes.

It is also expected that when attending a yoga class, that each student demonstrates respect for others in the class by allowing the class to flow without disruption, encouraging a peaceful, rejuvenating and relaxing environment. Light-hearted chit chat during warm ups is very welcomed. But any verbalisation of upsets that a student may be experiencing in life, is best left to a private conversation with the instructor before or after the class, or via text/ email at another time.

Term Payment of $198 (or pro rata) gives you:

A permanent booking in the yoga class of your choice for the term plus the holidays following (price is $234 for term 4 and the 6 weeks of summer holidays that follow term 4). Note that classes are offered at half load during school holidays and classes are still run on public holidays.

Opportunity to attend as many other classes each week as you like, FREE of charge, as long as there’s a space available.

A saving of $5 per lesson = $55 saving per term. And extra savings if you attend extra classes at no extra cost.

Cancellation, Refund and Transfer policy

Once a student has made a payment for a term (or pro rata) for yoga classes or for a workshop/ training day/ seminar, this is a commitment to attend what they paid for.

Refund policy

A refund is only given if that participant has experienced exceptional circumstances after the time of the purchase.

Exceptional circumstances would include situations where the student has had an accident or a sudden illness that has prevented them from being able to drive themselves to class, made them bed-ridden, or a family trauma has occurred preventing them from being able to do everyday tasks.

Management reserves the right to request proof of this situation, if necessary.

Transfer policy

Students are welcome to transfer their yoga pass or workshop/seminar/ training attendance to another person (friend/ associate/ family member) at any time as long as management is informed.

Cancellation Policy

If a booking is made for a service, but full payment is not made prior to the commencement of this service, the following conditions apply:

Cancellation more than 24hrs prior to service = no charge (but a non-refundable deposit may already have been made)

Cancellation less than 24hrs prior to service = 20% of full cost of service

Cancellation after commencement time of service or a no-show = full cost of service.

Credit may also be given to the participant, at the discretion of management.

Yoga classes – extended leave/ weeks away/ transfer policy

With such an intimate studio, Human Happiness can only offer 12 permanent bookings per class. This makes it impractical to offer discounts to pensioners and to reserve a space for someone on extended leave.

To have a permanent spot in a class, a student needs to pay the full fee for the term ($198). If they plan to be away for an extended period and decide to not pay the term fee, they can choose to pay casual rates for the classes they attend if they prefer. This will however mean that their spot in the class is not reserved and they will need to message Kylie each week to see if there’s enough space for them in the class.

They can of course, if they decide to purchase a permanent spot, transfer their spot to a friend for their time away if they like.

Also, unless there are exceptional circumstances (as per outlined in the refund policy), a yoga class term payment is non-transferrable (ie. It cannot be used for another service/ product that Human Happiness offers).


17 Newland Street, Flynn, Canberra ACT 2615