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What are Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings?

These recordings have been carefully programmed (after years of research/ Therapy-based experience and data gathering) to help free you from your specific fear-based, ego-based and Numerology-based emotional, physical and mental issues.

And all you really need to do is press PLAY!

Sounds too easy? Well…that really is all you have to do! We’ve done all the hard work for you!

Each recording includes Angel Therapy that will

  • Protect you and settle you as you sleep (to encourage a restful night’s sleep)
  • Induce your sleep hormones to assist you with getting to sleep (or back to sleep)
  • cleanse your body of fear-based energy (which, if kept blocked – leads to illness and disease),
  • cut all etheric cords of fear and attachment from your body (that are draining your energy and vitality),
  • remove all weapons of psychic attack from your body (that are weighing you down, making you feel debilitated, are draining you and causing you stress), and
  • Protect you from further psychic and emotional attack.

It also contains self-love, self-worth and self-esteem affirmations and all of your specific Numerology-based affirmations (which also include Angel Therapy throughout).

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Testimonials for the Numerology-Based Affirmation Recordings


After the first couple of nights of listening to the affirmations, I was surprised how quickly I fell into a deep sleep. I am no longer thinking about and analysing the day's events as I try to fall asleep - I now focus only on the words of the affirmations and drift off to sleep within 5 minutes. I also feel calmer and less irritated by trivial things in my day - I am able to let go of negative feelings easily.   Danielle (Homemaker - Brisbane)

The affirmation created specifically to suit my personal needs worked wonders. I was able to sleep well, my stress levels were reduced I felt more relaxed and as if my emotions were more balanced. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone seeking help with spiritual healing, or simply assistance in reducing stress, managing sleep patterns or management of emotions etc.  Jessi (Student - Canberra)

I use my personal recording whenever I can’t sleep and find it helps me to nod off. I find the recordings really peaceful, I love the music they are set to. I like the idea that Angels are watching over me, it is very comforting. Since listening to my personalised recording I feel like my relationship with my husband has improved.  Maria (Teacher - Canberra)

My 12 year daughter had had trouble sleeping for 12 months - she had trouble going to sleep as she worried about dying and other dark thoughts.  In the daytime she was a happy carefree girl but became increasingly tired and irritable due to the lack of sleep and disrupted sleep patterns.  We had tried several relaxation etc techniques before going to the GP to ask for assistance.  At the GP, I said how I wanted to explore other natural avenues, and that I had heard on the radio an ad for Insomnia workshop for teenagers by Human Happiness, and my GP encouraged me to try the workshop first, saying my daughter was too young to start medical therapies and medication.  On contact with Kylie, I found her warm, engaging and intriguing and only after one one-on-one session with Kylie and a month of nightly affirmations, my daughter has slept like a log ever since - amazing! 

Then, a few months ago, my 10 year old son told me how he could see and hear dead people and had also experienced distorted visions at different times in the day and night, and how frightened he was because of this as he had asked his friends at school and they did not know what he was talking about.  I was initially scared thinking he needed a psychiatrist but then contacted Kylie for advice.  Again, within one session with Kylie and only two weeks of nightly affirmations, my son was able to accept and celebrate his 'gift', he practiced his strategies of calling upon angels to help with these sounds and visions, and since then, he rarely experiences these visions or sounds anymore. As a result, he is now a happy, confident, well-adjusted kid and when I asked him what changed for him after Kylie's session and the affirmations, he proudly announces that he has a 'gift' and he now knows how to keep himself safe and happy - amazing! 

And one night when I was awake worrying about an issue of my own, I retrieved my son’s affirmation recording to listen to it in bed.  I was so interested in hearing the narratives and I quickly realised how soothing, empowering and relaxing they were and I indeed fell asleep before the end of the recording.  I enjoyed talking to both of my children about the affirmations, and I have also enjoyed them 'comparing notes' as to what Kylie did or did not say or do in their individual sessions.  Whilst Kylie's techniques could be considered unusual and unconventional, they do indeed work and I am huge fan of her therapies, professionalism, care and capacity to dig deep into my children's psyches to explore and relieve their worries, to tap into their gifts and goodness, and to allow them to feel strong, safe and secure within themselves and within the emotional, physical and spiritual worlds they live.     Leanne (Public Servant - Canberra)


 For more information about Numerology, these Affirmation Recordings, and other Numerology-based services Human Happiness offers, go to the Numerology Therapy Page.


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