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Tailored Affirmation Recordings
Get your own personalised set of affirmations


Tailored Affirmation Recordings

Get your own personalised set of affirmations, tailored to your specific set of illness/ailments/issues/fears.

Just fill out and send the below confidential questionnaire, and receive a pdf containing the list of your personalised affirmations, sent directly to your inbox.

You can also/alternatively request to have these affirmations recorded so you can listen to them every night as you're going to sleep, to significantly enhance their potency (speeding up your healing process).

N.B. You'll need at least 10 min to fill this questionnaire out (as there are several categories). Every question needs to be answered. Payment needs to be made before your affirmations will be created and sent. There is a minimum 2 week turn-around on orders for affirmations (depending on the level of demand). 

List of Affirmations in pdf form $59.99 Pay Now
A recording of your affirmations (including the pdf list of affirmations) $119.99 Pay Now
A recording of your affirmations (not including the pdf list) $89.99 Pay Now

If you carry a valid concession card use the code: CONCESSION2022 to receive your 20% discount.  (Your concession card needs to be sighted before affirmations can be created).