Nowra & Southcoast, NSW


Meditation Classes
Suitable for beginners & intermittent meditators

FREE Meditation Classes

Suitable for beginners & intermittent meditators.

No previous experience required.
Learn & practice techniques that maximize the chances of a successful meditation for your personality type.
Suitable for all ages, & all levels of health, fitness & flexibility
A welcoming and nurturing environment
These classes are FREE.
BYO water bottle, & wear warm comfortable clothing
Also BYO meditation stool & blanket if you like (blankets, yoga mats, some meditation stools and chairs provided)

What does a typical Meditation class look like?

10min of yoga - gentle stretches to clear blockages in preparation for meditation

20 min deep relaxation - a deeply relaxing, recharging and revitalising process to enable focus during meditation

10min pranayam - simple breathing techniques, with mudras (hand gestures) to clear the mind and body in preparation for the meditaiton session

20min meditaiton - we build you up to this slowly. 20min is the aim, but we start with smaller chunks, to allow you to build up your meditative muscle. Depending on the group & how we progress, we may even do the pranayam in a meditative state as well (making it 30 min of meditation in total).


Our Meditation Classes are aligned as best they can be with the Moons (Full and New Moon)

Class times:


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